Take your guitar classroom experience to the next level

Our comprehensive classroom guitar
curriculum will take you up a notch. Or two.

Whether you are experienced, just getting started, or somewhere in the middle, Blue Guitar can help guide and facilitate your guitar teaching or learning experience.

Quick and easy to use

All materials are conveniently located in an online, on-demand format. No more piles of method books or cluttered music stands.

Digital format that kids love

Kids love anything on a screen. Use your tablet or computer and smartboard or projection screen to engage students in a cool way to learn!

Fits all styles and abilities

The curriculum includes a wide range of musical styles and incorporates lessons for beginners while challenging advanced students.

Well rounded curriculum

Students learn comprehensive musicianship through melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, and stylistic lessons.

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How our classroom guitar lessons work

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Read the music

Blue Guitar teaches students to read music.  First by fret number, then in standard notation and fretboard diagrams.

See the music

Blue Guitar contains video tutorials that illustrate musical concepts that are difficult to describe with words alone.

Hear the music

Blue Guitar is filled with original music that comes from a wide range of styles.  Embedded into each lesson are two backing tracks: one at a slow tempo, and another at a fast tempo.