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Welcome to Blue Guitar! This curriculum was created just for you – classroom guitar teachers – and your students. Our mission is to provide top-quality curriculum in an easy to use, online, on-demand format that is efficient to use, allows you to better provide instruction to your students, and engages students in a different kind of guitar learning experience.

Your Classroom Plus subscription provides access to you as well as your individual students. To prevent collecting email addresses on this site for your minor students, your students will use your login credentials to access the curriculum.

  1. Please make sure that the information you enter is the school address/phone, not your personal address/phone. Students will NOT be able to change your password or make any purchases on your account.
  2. Please use a password that you don’t mind sharing with your students.

With your subscription, you’ll have access to me via email for any questions or support I can provide. Please email me at for personal support.